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School Records Project

Welcome to the home page for the Iron County Historical Society's School Records Project.  Continue returning to this page for future updates. 
The School Records Project
 While far from complete, the Iron County Historical Society is fortunate to have the largest known collection of historical school records for Iron County Schools.  Before the completion of reorganization and consolidation efforts in the late 1950s, Iron County had up to 50 school districts any given year. Recognizing the irreplaceable nature of these records, historical society board of directors member Judie Huff, took on the task of organizing what has become known as our School Records Project.  She started with the most complete set of records, Superintendent Records (Semester Reports).  After scanning and knitting together some 5,000 scans, the preservation of the Superintendent Records described above was completed earlier this year.  Historical society member, Mark Horstman, assisted Judie in determining the best format for the scans as well as in their organization for the transcription process to follow.  For more information on these records or to access the indexes and transcriptions created for this set of records, click on this link or go to the Superintendent Records tab.  Work has yet to begin on the District Records or the records in the Other Records categories.  We will continue to update this page as other records are added.
The types of school records in the collection are described below:
The Collection
1. Superintendent Records (Semester Reports) - As partially described above, these records were compiled by the individual schools and were submitted to and maintained by the County Superintendent of Schools.  While we don't have records for every school in the county, this collection of records is the most complete set of records that we do have.  The collection covers the years 1939 to 1954 and is broken out by school district.
2. District Records - These were records maintained by the individual schools.  The earliest district records in our possession date back to the 1870s, but most are from the first third of the 20th century. While the information in the various district records varied over time, most contained enumerations of students and information on those students; school board members, school board meeting minutes; a warrant register keeping track of school expenses; and other information on the school and the teacher(s). 
3. Other Records - Among the other miscellaneous school related records are County Superintendent Visiting Records for 1909 - 1910 which contains information on the school buildings, teachers, school equipment, school meetings, etc.; Certificate Records (of teachers) beginning in 1914 and going through the 1940s.  Maintained by the County Superintendent of Schools, the years of these records vary by teacher and contain the certification records of teachers teaching in Iron County schools School District Account Book for 1925 which was maintained by the Iron County Treasurer and details payments made on behalf of the schools.