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District Records

Information from the District Records (Phase II of our School Records Project) is divided between the Public and Members Only portion of the website.  The Public portion of the website, this page, will eventually contain a master index to all the students, teachers and other individuals identified in the District Records. 
For our purposes, we are dividing the District Records into two groups.  Those 100 years or older and those that are less than 100 years old.  We are starting with the older records as we will be including scanned images of these records in the Members Only area.  Federal and state law as well as privacy concerns prevent us from including scanned images of student records that are less than 100 years old as there is a chance that some of these students could still be alive.  In a nutshell then, the Members Only area will contain the transcriptions from each District Record book and, for those records 100 years old or older, scans of the actual images from those records.
As to the Master Index, we hope to be able to include links to the images of records over 100 years old and links to the transcriptions for records less than 100 years old.  You will have to be a member and sign in to the Members Only area of the website to see either the images or transcritptions. This index will only be built after all the records have been scanned and transcribed.  Continue to return to this page for updates.  
In the mean time, as scanning and transcribing is completed for each school with records in this phase of the project, the school will be added to the table below. When you click on a School Name, a new screen will appear containing a map showing where the school was located, information about the school, and a link to that school in the Members Only area of the website..  As these records cover several decades, the types of information included varied over the years. We will notify users through our Family History Blog each time a new school is added.
Once the transcription work for all the schools with District Records has been completed, a master index will be added to this page for all the records in Phase II.  We hope to be able to add links to images from the transcriptions where records meet the 100-year-old criterion, but until that happens, we plan on including a workaround to help you access the images.  Again, you will need to login to the Members Only area to access these images.
Placeholder for Master Index (to be added when the transcriptions for all schools in Phase II have been completed)
Phase II Schools