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The 1986 interview of Johnny Rion was conducted in the Rion home in Belleville, Illinois by Johnny's son, Hugh Daniel (Danny) Rion. It covers Johnny's life and career from the time of his birth in 1916 to 1986.
Last Updated: 7 May 2024
One of the many gospel songs written by Johnny Rion, "Don't Build Your House on the Sand" was performed here by Johnny Rion and his wife, Ann Rion.
Last Updated: 7 May 2024
Written and performed by Johnny Rion, "That Heaven Bound Trains" was done as a tribute to Hank Williams Sr. after his death.
Last Updated: 7 May 2024
The song was written by the Rev. John T. Barton and sang by multiple artists, including the version done here by Johnny Rion. The song told the story of the Iron Mountain baby.
Last Updated: 7 May 2024