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This link to the Family Search Wiki entry for maps, not only explains the value of using maps in genealogical and historical research, but also identifies additional on-line map collections.
Last Updated: 19 October 2021
From the collection of the National Archives. Note that this map denotes those who could be considered friendly and unfriendly to the Confederate cause. When the term "all black" is used, it is not referring to race, but as a reference to black Republicans, a term used for supporters of the Union.
Last Updated: 15 October 2021
January 1865 military map created by Capt. William Hoelcke (Union) of the military fortifications in and around the vicinity of Pilot Knob, MO.
Last Updated: 15 October 2021
One of best digital collection of maps available. A great search engine aids in finding maps of interest and then allows you to group them by the time period they were published. Users can also download high resolution copies for their own, non-commercial use.
Last Updated: 15 October 2021
This site provides access to free, current topographic maps for Iron County, MO.
Last Updated: 15 October 2021
This site allows you to search for historic topographic maps across the U.S. These historic maps show roads, towns, and other features that may no longer be in existence. As such, they are a great tool for historians and genealogists alike.
Last Updated: 15 October 2021
Printable pdf road map of Iron County from the Missouri Department of Transportation
Last Updated: 15 October 2021
Another great map resource. You can search, review, and many times download high resolution copies of maps you find here.
Last Updated: 16 October 2021
Part of the collection of the Missouri Department of Transportation, this website lets users select maps of interest from 1918 through 2019.
Last Updated: 15 October 2021
The Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Company, established in 1867, compiled and published maps of United States cities and towns for the fire insurance industry to assess the risk of insuring a particular property. The maps are large scale plans of a city or town drawn at a scale of 50 feet to an inch, offering detailed information on the use made of commercial and industrial buildings, their size, shape and construction material. Some residential areas are also mapped. The maps show location of water mains, fire alarms and fire hydrants. They are color-coded to identify the structure (adobe, frame, brick, stone, iron) of each building. These maps are a great resource for genealogists and historians alike.
Last Updated: 16 October 2021