1890 Special Enumeration of Union Veterans or Their Widows living in Iron County, Missouri

From census.gov, "Often confused with the 1890 census, and more often overlooked or misjudged as useless, are nearly 75,000 special 1890 schedules enumerating Union veterans and widows of Union veterans.  The U.S. Pension Office requested this special enumeration to help Union veterans locate comrades to testify in pension claims and to determine the number of survivors and widows for pension legislation. (Some congressmen also thought it scientifically useful to know the effect of various types of military service upon veterans' longevity.) To assist in the enumeration, the Pension Office prepared a list of veterans' names and addresses from their files and from available military records held by the U.S. War Department."

Adams, John R., 31 MO Inf.
Ake, Eli D., 1 Iowa Regt.
Ake, Jacob T., 31 MO Inf.
Akers, John T. , 37 Ken Vol.
Albert, John, 22 IL Inf.
Alexander, Rufus, Martha, widow of, No info.
Allen, Catharine, widow, No Unit Give, Sol.US.
Ardinared, Augusts, Martha A. widow of, No Unit given.
Austin, Louis D.(P.), 14 IL Cav.

Backof, William, MO Home Guard
Ballard, Caleb, 29 MO Inf.
Barton, John C., 34 Iowa Inf.
Barts, Isaac, 13 Penn Cav.
Battle, Samuel, 88 IL Inf.
Bay, Green B.W., 48 MO Inf.
Benjamin, Francis, 31 MO Cav, 14 MO Cav.
Berryman, Jerry, 3 MO Cav.
Bice, Martha A., widow of George Bice, 2 MO Inf.
Biel, William, Pilot Knob MO Home Guard
Binder, William, 18 IL Inf.
Bone, Benjamin F., 50 MO Inf.
Boswell, Joshua R., 33 Iowa Inf.
Bradley, Hugh M., 3 MO Cav, 47 MO Inf.
Breitenstein, Annie M., widow of John Breitenstein, couldn't get information.
Breslin, Catherine, widow of John Breslin, 2 MO Art.
Brewer, Jacob, 47 MO Cav.
Brickley, Frank, 2 MO.
Bubb, Joseph, 6 Kansas.
Bunce, William, 9 Mich.
Burch, Mary, former widow of Richard McAllister, 47 MO Inf.

Callahan, Thomas, 48 US Col.Inf.
Campbell, James, 47 MO Inf.
Carlile, Sara M., widow of Alexander M. Carlile, 3 MO Cav.
Carver, George E., 22 OH Inf.
Casteel, William, 1 MO State Militia.
Chapman,James A., 32 MO Inf.
Chase, James H., Inf.
Claybaugh, Kate, widow of John____, Denby, 21 IL Inf.
Claybaugh, Martin L., 6 MO Inf.
Clifton, Milton, 68 MO Cav.
Cole, Marcellus, No Unit Give, Sol. US.
Collison, Richard, Confederate, 1 MO Inf.
Copeland, Ambrose C., 7 TN Mtd. Inf.
Corbier, Mary, widow of Charles Corbier, 6 MO Cav.
Corde, James, 27 MO Inf.
Cotter, Susan, F., former widow of Robert L. COX, 11 IL Cav.
Cowan, Argus, 3 MO Cav.
Crackin, Alfred C., Confederate, 28 TN Inf.
Crisp, Perseus R., 4 Iowa Inf.
Crowley, John, 29 MO.
Cunningham, Francis, widow of Charles Cunningham, 68 MO State Militia.
Cureton, David, 32 MO Inf. 

Dane, Leo H., 12 Ken. Inf.
Daurrand, James M., MO Art.
DeBoard, Enoch, No Unit given.
Delashunt, Syntha A., widow of Mitchel Delashunt, 10 MO Cav.
Dennison, Samuel T., Ship - Blackhawk.
Dermy, Jefferson, 3 MO State Militia
Dettmer, Adolph, 2 MO Lt. Art.
Dinger, Franz, 47 MO.
Dittmer, Henrietta, widow of Frederich Dittmer, 6 MO Inf.
Douglass, David W.E., 1 Neb. Cav.
Duncan, William, 31 Iowa Inf.
Dunn, Margaret, widow of ___________, cannot ascertain.
Dunnigan, Van, 6 MO Cav.

E_les, James, Couldn't get information.
Eaton, Andrew H., 25 MO Inf.
Eaton, Hughy, 3 MO State Militia Cav.
Effenger, Valentine, At Battle of Pilot Knob.
Elliott, Aaron, 21 IL Inf.
Ellis, Charles, W., Independent Co.
Elsman, Henry, 5 MO.
Elsman, Henry, MO Home Guard.
Elson, Henrietta, former widow of Charles KOEHLER, MO Home Guard.
Emerson, John W., 47 MO Inf.
Esterling, Henry, 1 MO Inf.
Evens, Jane, widow of David B. Evens, 1 Ark Inf.
Farrer, Thomas, 32 MO Inf.
Ficht, Frederick, MO Home Guard.
Fletcher, William A., 47 MO Inf.
Fortner, George W., 3 MO Cav.
Fortner, Jane, widow of William h. Fortner, 29 MO Inf.
Fortrane, Thomas, 50 MO Inf.
Francis, Martha, Widow, No Unit given, Sol. US.
Gault, Elenz W., 22 Wisc. Inf.
Gay, Mary Ann, widow of Samuel T. Gay, 47 MO Inf.
Geatenmeyer, Peter, 49 MO.
Gilliam, Amanda, former widow of John Brighton, Couldn't get information.
Gillman, William B., Sailor, ship - Vermont.
Gockle, August C., MO.
Good, Solomon, 132 IN Inf.
Goodenough, Mary, widow of Calvin Goodenough, 24 NY Inf.
Gottlieb, Frank (lined through, no explanation given.)
Goulding, Yan R., 1 MO Cav.
Grayson, William, 3 Iowa Cav.
Greman, Russell, 91 IL Inf.
Griffit, Joel A., 26 IN.
Grinson, Mary, former widow of Frederich Osterly, 10 Oh Inf.
Guffy, Nelson P., 88 IN Inf. 
Hall, Franklin, 21 NY Inf.
Hall, John, 22 OH Inf.
Hall, Martha A., widow of Thomas C. Hall, 10 MO Cav.
Hampton, John B., 47 MO Inf.
Hampton, Sarah P., former widow of Jackson Childers, 47 MO.
Harmon, William C., No Unit Given, Sol.US.
Harris, Riley, Inf.
Hartman, Daniel H., 12 MO Cav.
Hasty, Joseph, 21 IL Inf.
Hays, M. 5 (Mus?) Inf.
Hedgcoth, James W., Cav.
Heiff, Elias, 1 MO Cav.
Heinichs, Caroline T., widow, No Unit Given, US Sol.
Henderson, Henry, WVA Cav.
Henderson, Thomas, No Unit Give, Sol. US
Henderson, Wesley, Confederate, 25 TN Inf.
Highley, James R., 8 MO.
Hill, Isaac, No Unite Given, Sol. US.
Hill, Robert J., 34 IL Inf.
Hines, Jacob, 3 IN Vol.
Hodge, Arnold, 47 MO Inf.
Hodges, James, 98 IL Inf.
Hogue, John A., Confederate, 5 MO Inf.
Holliman, Charles, 65 MO.
Hornbeck, Martha, widow of Simpson Hornbeck, 2 MO.
Horton, Cassander ( lined through.)
Hovens, Henry, 36 OH.
Howard, Thomas H., 47 MO Inf.
Huff, Joseph, 8 Provis East MO Militia.
Hughes, James, 50 IL Inf.
Hurt, Charles, 10 MO Inf.
Huston, James M., 16 IN Inf.
Immer, Cgarkesm, 49 MO.
Jackson, Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Jackson, 47 MO Inf.
Jackson, James W., 22 OH Inf.
Jenkin, Mary, former widow of George Greer,Unable to get Information.
Johnes, Jehu, 27 OH Inf.
Johnson, James K., 62 IL Inf.
Johnson, James, 47 MO Inf.
Jones (James), Wm. C., 68 MO Cav.
Jones, Burt, 12 MO Cav.
Jones, Mary, widow of Zebulon Lewis, Minnesota Art.
Jones, William E., Couldn't get information.
Kaths, Frederich, Home Guard battle of Pilot Knob.
Keathly, Christopher C., 39 KY Inf.
Kelly, John M., 2 Ark Cav.
Kensick, Rufus, Vandalia?
Kermet, Nathan C., 17 IL Cav.
Killalee, Mary, widow of John Killalee, Couldn't Get Information.
Kirchner, Catharine, widow of Henry Hartman, No Unit Given.
Koeth, Mary, widow of Anthony Koeth, 19 IL, Inf.
Kolb, Philip, 2 MO Inf.
Lashley, John, 91 PENN Cav.
Lawson, Cyrus, No Unit Given, Sol. US.
Lax, Moses, 62 MO.
Leonard, Henry C., 24 NY Inf.
Ligon, America C., widow of William H. Ligon, 3 MO Cav.
Lindsey, Robert L., 1 MO Inf, 68 East MO Militia, 50 MO Vols.
Lofton, Susana, widow of George Lofton, 144 IL Inf.
Logan, Elizabeth widow of ____, No Unit Given.
Long, John, No Unit Given, Sol. US.
Lotz, Augustus, 69 OH Inf.
Lucy, H. ___, 53 Tn. Inf.
Luthey, John S., 83 IN Inf.
Machmeyer, Charles, MO Home Guard Battle of Pilot Knob.
Mackey, Benj., No Unit Given, Sol. US
Marshall, Mary, widow of Benjamin Marshall, 47 MO Inf.
Martin, Azariah, 47 MO Inf.
McCul, Barney, 3 TN Cav
McGuire, William, No Unit Given, Sol. US
Mead, John C., 5 MO State Militia.
Meard, Aaron, No Unit Given, Sol. US
Miller, Raradine A, widow of John Miller, 50 MO Inf.
Mind, Louis, No Unit Given, US Sol.
Miner, Laban E., 13 MO. Cav.
Moon, Nancy, widow of ____ Moon, Couldn't get information.
Moore, Caloway, 24 MO Inf.
Morgan, Charles F., 4 MO Cav.
Mund, Lewis, MO.
Muntner, Christian, No Unit Given.
Myers, Henry, 3 Vol Cav.
Nehmer, Lorenz, MO Home Guard.
Night, Delaney, alias Phillip L. Night, 4 Ark.
Obannon, Y.V., 8 MO Cav.
Obrien, Daniel, 12 MO Cav.
Oesterly, Christian, 32 MO Inf.
Ossick, Jasper N. (Orrick?), No Unit Given, US Sol.
Pauley, Peter, NoUnit Given.
Peck, Carroll R., MO Home Guard.
Peitz, Henry, MO.
Pele, Graft M., 54 Penn Vol.
Personel, Temperance, widow of Thomas J. Personel, 32 Iowa Inf.
Pinkney, George W., 47 MO Inf.
Radford, Milton, 47 MO Inf.
Ragan, John W., 32 MO.
Raney, Frank R., MO Inf.
Ranft, Joseph, 14 MO Cav.
Rapf, Martin, No Unit Given.
Raple, John S., 2 NY Cav.
Rasche, Henry , 2 MO Inf.
Reed, James 47 MO Inf.
Reed, William S., 1 MO Eng.
Rencehausen, Henry I.,1st Wisc Cav.
Reynolds, Martha, widow of William Harris, 47 MO Inf.
Reynolds, Royert, 33 IN Inf.
Richter, Fredericka J., widow of Henry Richter, 2 MO Inf.
Rickman, John, 13 MO Cav.
Riley, Mary J., widow, No Unit Given, US Sol.
Ripper, Catherine, former widow of Peter Boyer, 48 Penn.
Robinson, Mary widow of Valentine Robinson, 2 MO Inf.
Robinson, Samuel, 8 MO Inf.
R-S-tie, Annie, widow of Jacob Mitchelk, 2 MO Lt. Art.
Ruhl, Peter, 2 Mo Vol.
Russell, B.F., 2 Ark Cav.
Russell, C.C., 2 Ark Cav.
Rutschanan, Magdaline, widow of William Scheidt, 2 MO Art.
Savage, William O., 29 MO Inf.
Sawyer, George N., 10 IL Inf.
Schaffer, Jacob, 2 MO Inf.
Scheldin, James, 3 Wisc, Inf.
Scherrets, Ferdinand, Widow Catherine, MO.
Schmidt, John, No Unit Given.
Schwab, John, 47 MO.
Schwab, John, Sr., 47 MO.
Seff, John, 45 Ky Inf.
Shruner, Joseph, MO.
Smith, Carroll, 50 MO Inf.
Smith, Daniel, 3 Iowa Cav.
Smith, E.M., 34 Mass. Inf.
Smith, Elya B., 28 MO.
Smith, Mary A., widow of Cullen O. Smith, 40 MO Inf.
Spencer, Sarah,widow of William Spencer, 6 MO Cav.
Spitzmiller, George, Segers Art.
Starvestine, William, Confederate, No Unit Given.
Stevenson, J.W., 47 MO Inf.
Stevenson, Joseph M, widow Catherine, 12 Mo Cav.
Stiner, William H.J., 31 MO Inf., MO Cav.
Strickland, James W., 3 MO Cav.
Strumbaugh, James, 27 MO Inf.
Sumpter, Lucinda J, widow of Franklin Sumpter, 1 MO Lt. Art.
Sunerman, Henry L, 31 MO Cav.
Sutton, Isaac, 24 MO Militia.
Sutton, William J., 8 MO.
Sutton, William N, 24 MO Militia.
Sutton, William, 29 MO Inf.
Sweeney, John C., 12 Mo State Militia.
Talley, Charlie M., 13 IL Cav.
Tarr, Edwin, 47 MO Inf.
Thompson, John N., 6 MO Cav.
Thorp, Elizabeth, widow of Lewis C. Thorp, 17 Iowa Cav.
Toppins, George W., 5 MO.
Trammell, Fields, No Unit Given.
Vaughn, Delphia, widow of Jeremiah Vaughn, 9 MO Inf.
Vickery, Littleton, No Unit Given, Sol. US.
Victory, Cyrus J., 11 Mo. Inf.
Voils, Albert, 115 IL Inf.
Voils, Sarh E., widow, No unit Given, US Sol.
Webb, William, 6 MO Cav.
Welsh, Sarah, Widow of James Welsh, 2 MO Inf.
Wesnard, Francis, No Unit Given.
Willet, William, 6 MO Cav.
Williams, Joseph A., 5 TN Cav.
Williamson, George, 58 IN Inf.
Wilson, James W., 3 MO State Militia, 14 MO Cav.
Wolff, Martin, 5 MO Infantry, (Wife Maria, Pension Cert # 636155 & 866356)
Woody, Robert W., No Unit Given, Sol. US
Woolem, Catherine, widow of Jacob Woolem, 8 MO Inf.
Wright, Henry 3 MO State Militia Cav.
Young, George H., 8 MO Cav, 68 MO Cav.
Young, Rebecca, widow of David Young, 29 MO Inf.
__racker, Andrew W., Body Guard, No Unit Given.